Turkey and even almost everyone uses a credit card who has attained the age of 18 in the world. As such, credit cards are at an important point in people’s lives. Using a credit card will inevitably lead to a constant borrowing situation.

In addition to borrowing to the bank for the products you have bought, of course no one is required to borrow the extra bank with a credit card fee. In the previous processes, people paid their credit card dues in a way that no longer paid. Even if the card fee seems to be a small amount, it may annoy the person like money thrown in the trash. You will need to start looking for ways to get your card dues back, especially if the time comes to pay and if your money is enough.

As a result of the research conducted in 2016 on credit cards, it was determined that a card fee of approximately TL 3 Billion was collected by the banks. When you call the bank to object to this situation, you may come across with a statement that the credit card fee is legal and the money will not be refunded.

Although banks give you a negative response in this way, credit card dues can be taken back up to 10 years within the scope of the decision taken by the 13th Legal Department of the Court of Cassation. So you have the right to appeal all credit card fees you have paid up to 10 years from today.


Is the credit card annual fee taken back?

credit card annual fee

The question of whether the credit card dues that are taken from the credit cards of some banks every 6 months or from the credit cards of some banks annually is different according to the banks and consumer associations. Consumer associations state that the money that is cut from bank customers is illegal and unlawfully received, while banks state that this is stated in the initial credit card agreement and that there is no problem in terms of whether it is legal or not.

Because these credit card fees taken by banks are taken as the cost of benefiting from the advantages provided by the credit card. At this stage, if you sign a credit card without reading the contract, the bank can go ahead 1-0.


How to get a credit card fee back?

credit card fee

There is no article in the form of annual card dues in the credit cards contracts received until 2012. For this reason, people who have received their credit card in 2012 and before are required to receive an annual card fee by stating their objections to the relevant authorities. Because it is not legal to charge the card fee under these conditions. However, since 2012, credit card holders will probably have their credit card dues included in their contracts.

However, if you call the bank in case you encounter such situations and indicate that you want to close your credit card due to the card fee, the bank may take a step back and return the fee to you. But keep in mind that you should repeat this every year. It is also worth noting that it is not guaranteed that you will receive your credit card fee with this method.

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