The application process when applying for payday payday loans is extremely simple and does not even require a visit to a bank branch, but you must meet certain requirements.

  • You must be at least 18 years old;
  • You must confirm your identity with a valid photo document, which is also used when concluding a loan agreement;
  • You cannot be registered in the debt database;
  • You must have a stable source of income.

You must be of legal age, i.e. at least 18 years of age, to enter into a binding loan agreement. Since most people 18-19 are still in education and have a low income, the choice of loan companies for these people may be limited. The credit policy is somewhat less stringent for persons between 20 and 25 years of age, while for the 25+ age group there are no restrictions due to age. When completing the application electronically, remember to confirm your identity with a valid photo document, so you can complete all formalities online, without unnecessary questions and having to arrange a visit to the bank.

If in the past you had problems meeting your debt repayment deadlines, you may be in the debtors register. Many loan companies reserve the right to refuse loans to persons registered in KRD, BIK or BIG. Being on these lists is not a reason to be proud, but if things have gone so far, you should try to remove your name from the registry. You can do this by settling the debt with creditors who have reported your case to BIK. When applying for a loan, you must document your income. If you have a safe and stable financial position, your chances of getting a loan increase. Loan companies that assess your creditworthiness perceive the combined applications, i.e. submitted jointly with your partner, as more valuable, so you can get better loan terms.

Cheap payday payday

Cheap payday payday

When looking for cheap payday loans online, pay attention to the APRC of the given offer. This is the actual annual interest rate and also the indicator that determines the cheapest loan. It includes all interest, fees and commissions related to the loan. Thus, a low APRC means a cheap loan.

Payday – a good opportunity or expensive pleasure?

By deciding to take a payday loan, you ensure control over the costs associated with the loan and you have the opportunity to create an accurate repayment plan, thanks to which your debt will not exceed your possibilities. Thus payday loans are a great solution if you care about quick and easy money and transparency regarding the cost of the loan. The interest rate on the payday loan you see on the site depends on various factors, so it will change when you enter your age, the amount you want to borrow, maturity and more.

Is payday loan a solution for me?

All loans generate costs in the form of interest, i.e. money that you must pay to obtain a loan over a given period. An alternative to payday loans may be to take out a bank overdraft at your bank, but this solution may be flawed as you don’t notice the extra money you have available and ultimately spend more than originally planned. If you are interested in borrowing a larger amount, we recommend that you read about the consumer loan on our website. There are many similarities between this type of loan and payday loan, however, for higher amounts of money, a consumer loan may be a more beneficial solution. Applying for a consumer loan is just as easy, electronically, but can often require loan insurance, for example by pledging real estate or a car.

Who can benefit from payday pay?

Many people in Poland decide to take payday loans because it is a type of loan that can be easily used for consumption. This means that it does not have to be intended for a specific purpose. You can also avoid having to answer the bank employee’s questions. Many people take payday loans because they lack money for their dream vacation or travel. Others decide on payday loans because of unexpected bills that they have to pay without bank assistance. Some people use payday loans to ensure greater financial freedom in everyday life. Therefore, payday loans are used in many different ways, which makes it difficult to clearly determine who they are suitable for.

You can compare the best offers among many consumer loans here. If you need extra cash for a shorter period, payday loans can be a better and easier way out. Unlike an overdraft facility, payday payday is a temporary solution, so it won’t get out of your control. By taking payday you have an impact on all expenses and you can plan your budget for the duration of your loan repayment period.

Faults and Benefits

If you are interested in getting a loan, it is very important that you understand this issue well. Finding the cheapest loans on the market does not have to be difficult, but it requires time. In our opinion, it is worth taking a look at sites offering a comparison of available offers. This way you can find the cheapest options on the market and avoid expensive payday loans.

Why should you take payday pay?

Payday is a smart way to borrow money simply because it is incredibly fast. It is less time consuming and easier solution than a visit to a bank branch, and in addition you do not have to worry about any questions about the purpose for which you intend to spend money.

If you want to receive payday loans, there are a few simple rules that can help you get a loan as soon as possible. Visit one of the websites, which, like, deals in comparing loans to find the cheapest loans available online. Then select the amount you want to borrow and apply filters so that the page shows you offers, starting with those with the lowest interest rate. Next, complete the application in electronic form and send to the loan company. Within the next few minutes you will receive a message informing you whether the company has decided to accept your request.

Advantages of payday loans

Advantages of payday loans

  • Speed
  • Simplicity
  • No questions
  • Immediate payment of money

Of course, you must remember that the money must be paid back to the creditor. It is difficult to determine which of the non-banking companies pays money the fastest, but the vast majority transfer money instantly, straight to your account. One of the biggest advantages of payday pay is that you can take it without insurance. In the case of a traditional bank loan, collateral and a permanent source of income are often required to obtain a loan. The collateral for such a loan may take the form of a lien in the form of real estate (house, flat) or other good that you possess.

An instant cash loan is therefore an opportunity for those who do not yet have property or other property of significant material value. For uninsured loans, loan companies almost always require you not to be a registered debtor. If you are listed in BIK, we recommend that you first pay past liabilities and remove your name from the register. The likelihood of obtaining a loan is therefore much higher for people with a stable source of income, owning a property and not registered in the debt database.

Why payday loans can be so expensive?

Why payday loans can be so expensive?

Instantaneous pay is a type of short-term loan that is expected to pay back over a short period of time. This is usually a period of 14 days to three months, but some payday loans may have a more distant maturity. Getting a payday payday loan is extremely easy and many people decide on it to sweeten their everyday life or use it for unannounced expenses. Payday loans can be expensive if you can’t pay them back on time. Don’t forget that borrowing money is never free. You have to pay back not only the borrowed sum, but also interest, commissions, preparation fees and others. In addition, interest rates on payday loans are often higher than for other loans. Loan companies that offer online loans “insure” themselves at higher interest rates. This is a kind of compensation for not having to secure your loan (for example, through a mortgage). Thus, non-bank companies can ensure that they recover the amount borrowed. The total cost of the loan also depends on whether you pay off the loan on time. If you fail, you must pay higher interest and commissions. If a similar situation occurs several times, you can be reported to the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) as a debtor.

Off-bank companies offers

There are many non-bank companies in Poland today that offer payday loans and their number is still growing. However, it is quite popular that individual companies have many different brands under them. An example of this is Leasy, which offers one of the more popular payday loans available on the market.

This company has its own loans, such as Leasy Low Interest Loan, Leasy Mini Loan or Leasy Cash Loan. You can find each of them on our website. You just have to pay attention to choose the cheapest loan and thus get the lowest interest rate. Mavisbank is another company that brings together many different brands. Her main brands are Lånlet and Selene Finans. Similarly to the application for other payday loans, when choosing Mavisbank, you must be very careful about the total cost of the loan.

Who offers payday loans?

On the Bankcor website, we introduce you to over 15 different loan companies. So you have a great selection and a fantastic opportunity to find a loan that is really cheap and meets your requirements and financial possibilities.

Bankcor usually presents the total cost of the loan. They cover the total amount borrowed, as well as other costs such as preparation fees, interest and commissions. When choosing a payday loan, always pay close attention to the total cost of the loan. Finding the best loan on the market may not be that easy, considering the number of loan companies offering their services. That is why we recommend using our sorting function, thanks to which you will find the cheapest loans that match your needs. Remember, however, that the final interest rate for your loan depends on your overall financial situation. The better your situation, the cheaper your loan may be. Therefore, we recommend submitting applications to at least three loan companies in order to be able to choose the offer that offers the lowest interest rate.

Find the cheapest and best puppy

Find the cheapest and best puppy

If you need payday loans, it’s important to find the cheapest and best options available. It is rare that one payday loan is the best solution for everyone, because it depends on the person, their current situation and the moment when they apply for a loan. Therefore, the most frequently chosen loan will not necessarily be the right solution for you. As a borrower, you can’t rely on someone’s experience to choose the best for you. It’s always worth listening to the opinions of others, but you should remain critical and try to explore the market on your own. A website comparing loans, just like the one you are on, is a great way to find the cheapest and best loan for you. You can sort your searches according to your wishes and read the opinions of other users about individual loans.

Make sure to properly analyze the market before you decide on the loan. You have countless options and many loan companies to choose from, and while it may seem that most offer the same terms, this is rarely true. Familiarize yourself with the loans that interest you exactly, remember also what was written in small print. Following our advice, the risk of unpleasant surprises and obstacles is much lower, as you learned about them in advance. Also remember that checking one or several loans may not be enough, because you may have missed a better offer than the one you found satisfactory.

Give yourself time to choose the right loan. In this way you will find payday payday, which is both cheap and suitable for you.

When payday payday loan is a good option? Like any other loan, payday loans are not something you should take for fun. If you’re thinking about taking payday pay, make a statement of your funds. First of all, you need to make sure that your situation allows you to make such a commitment. You must also consider the additional fees that are included in the loan agreement. We always recommend that you prepare a budget for your upcoming expenses before making a loan decision. Payday loans can be a great way to get money here and now. Perhaps you suddenly lack the cash to repair a car, a new computer, a telephone or renovate a room. Payday loans can be invaluable support in everyday life, provided that you are sure of your debt repayment capacity. If you need immediate cash withdrawal, payday loans are the perfect solution. After submitting the application, you receive a reply almost immediately, and then the money is instantly sent to your account. The biggest advantage of payday loans is the quick and simple money lending process.

Many people think that payday pay is a solution for those who face financial difficulties and need a helping hand. In fact, taking a payday loan for people with a financial situation is fully justified, because it requires quick repayment of the debt. The payday repayment period usually lasts 30 days. Thus payday payday loan can be a beneficial solution for someone who is in good financial condition, but urgently needs cash for unforeseen expenses. Either way, your funds must be enough to pay back the loan within a certain period. Do not take risks and give up payday pay if you need money for something that can wait. There is no point in taking an unnecessary loan. That’s the only way you can get into trouble.

Why should you use the new weekend?

The market is filled with various loans and their providers. New loans are constantly appearing, displacing old offers. This is due to constant changes in the market, as a result of which lenders have to lower prices by offering cheaper and better offers or increase prices, which makes loans expensive. More often, loan companies are forced to create cheaper and more favorable loans for customers. That is why tracking the latest trends on the loan market is so important. If you get loans regularly, then you certainly have your habits that you follow. This has some advantages, especially because you know your inside loan. Remember, however, that this particular loan is not necessarily the best and cheapest for you, even though it used to be.

The market is constantly evolving, so it’s important to keep up with the latest trends if you care about finding the cheapest and the best loan. The constant emergence of new loans does not mean, however, that the old offers completely disappear. Often there is only a slight change, for example, the interest rate on the loan decreases to maintain competition with the competition. Don’t stick to the same loan every time. Make sure you compare the different offers and become familiar with them each time you are considering a new loan.

Payday loans are (usually) free

Payday loans are (usually) free

One of the biggest advantages of payday pay is that it is absolutely free in most cases. Remember, however, that this only applies to people who are able to pay back the debt within a 30-day repayment period. So, if you manage to pay off payday loans within 30 days, you don’t have to pay interest on the loan. Although 30 days is not a long time to settle your debt, a free payday payday loan is a great solution for people with a stable financial situation. The payday loan is not a loan that is difficult to pay off due to its short maturity, which means that the loan amounts are not as high as for other loans. Smaller amounts are usually easier to pay off than large amounts, so you can do it even within a few days. If you are unable to pay back the loan within 30 days, you must bear the consequences in the form of interest. The advantage of such a turn of cases may be the possibility to ask for an extension of the repayment period, thanks to which you may have a better chance to settle your debt in a timely manner.

What is the best payday loan?

What is the best payday loan?

For many people, finding the best payday loan on the market is simply an impossible task. As of today, there are countless non-bank companies offering payday loans online. It is difficult to say clearly which payday payday is the best on the market. Everything is based on a combination of many different offers. Our best advice is to use comparison tools. They help to create an overview of the various possibilities available on the market. Thanks to this, you can collect all loans on one page. In this way you have the opportunity to take a closer look at the terms and conditions of the loans you are interested in. Through the loan comparison site, you save yourself the tiring work of finding all the information on individual offers. Instead, you can use your time to choose the loans that best suit your needs and financial situation. You can always compare the various loan offers on our website.

Payday loan and debt register

There are many benefits to choosing payday loans instead of a traditional loan. Most of them concern the lack of necessity to insure the loan or document financial reserves, which banks often require from persons interested in the loan. Nevertheless, those interested in payday loans must show that they are not registered in BIK, as in the case of other loans. Few companies decide to grant loans to persons listed in the debt register. This means that you are in arrears with the repayment of old obligations to your creditors. Most loan companies refuse money to unreliable clients because a subsequent loan can do more harm than good. Thus, the lack of lending to persons registered in BIK is a form of insurance used by non-bank companies, which is why this condition often appears in their offers. As we have already mentioned, you can improve your status by paying off your previous obligations and removing your name from the debt register.

Short term for students

Student payday pay may be a necessity when unexpected expenses appear at the end of the month. This can be a really cheap solution, provided that you are able to pay off your payday loan in a short time.

What is a people and why choose this type of loan?

What is a people and why choose this type of loan?

In the world of banking, credit and loans, payday loans are known by many names, but the common denominator is the low loan amount and ease of repayment. The payday loan does not require collateral from interested customers. Cash is usually paid almost immediately, which is why payday loans have become increasingly popular in recent years. You can often find payday loans offered by internet banks and financial companies.

There are many reasons why you should choose payday loans, among others because it is quite easy to pay back. The small amount of the loan guarantees that your finances will not be affected, especially when you donate money – even if interest has accumulated on your loan. Secondly, payday pay off is worth choosing because of its incredible flexibility. It is based on the universal possibility of adapting the loan repayment period to your individual situation. In this way you can avoid a situation in which you are unable to pay the liability on time. The third motive for which you should opt for a payday loan is the fact that it is both quick and easy. As we have already mentioned, you can receive money almost immediately, and the loan application process looks very similar. The waiting time is limited to the minimum. No need to insure payday pay is also a big advantage, so you don’t have to worry too much about what you are going to use the money for. Payday can be a great solution for many, especially for students whose range of possibilities in the case of unexpected expenses is very limited.

Only a few students are able to independently meet expenses such as car repairs or buying a new washing machine, even if they have a stable financial situation. It is in such circumstances that payday loans are most useful. It gives students the opportunity to borrow a small amount of money to cover sudden expenses that currently exceed their financial capacity. A short repayment period, for example 30 days, may be the most beneficial for students, but for some a longer period may be a better option. Your choice depends on the funds you have each month. If you pay low rent and have a permanent job in addition to your studies, it is worth taking advantage of the short repayment period. However, you need to choose a solution in which you feel the most comfortable yourself. As a student, you should take into account low earnings, which is why it is so important to correctly prioritize.

What is the cheapest payday loan?

It is difficult to say clearly which payday loan is the cheapest in 2019. There are, however, several factors that you should consider when comparing different loan offers. Always make decisions based on APRC, interest rates and commissions. The APRC (actual annual interest rate) indicates the price of your loan, which is why this is a good starting point when comparing multiple loans. The interest rate indicates how much interest on the loan you have to pay back each month. It is the level of interest, together with the maturity, that determines your monthly installment. Being aware of the above-mentioned indicators, you can easily and quickly find the cheapest payday loan online.

Use the money of your choice

Use the money of your choice

By choosing payday loan, you can use the money you borrow as you wish. This is one of the reasons why payday loans are so special. After the money goes to your account, no one checks or controls what you use it for. There are no rigid rules about the purpose for which you spend money, or unnecessary questions about your plans and intentions. Thanks to this, many people can breathe a sigh of relief. The traditional loan application process usually involves the part where the bank or finance company expects to determine the purpose for which you intend to spend the borrowed amount. The approval of the loan depends on it.

Loan companies leave you free to spend money from payday loans, because the only thing they really care about is getting the money back, as agreed. Although a loan for less important whims is not a recommended solution, it is the most possible. Nobody will threaten you with your finger if instead of buying a new washing machine you spend money in this way.

Advantages of online loan

Advantages of online loan

Payday is not only a quick loan, but also many other benefits. First of all, the entire application and loan process is done over the internet. When you decide on an online loan, you will find that you do not have to meet as many requirements as when applying for a traditional bank loan. If you want to take a loan from a bank, you have to face numerous conditions that apply to your life and financial situation. Among other things, you should provide extensive documentation that will prove that you are able to fulfill the contract with the bank. These types of requirements do not exist to the extent that you can meet them at your bank branch if you decide to get an online loan from one of the non-bank companies. In addition, banks pay much more attention to assessing the creditworthiness they carry out on customers. In addition, banks often pay attention to what you spend the money you borrow.

How many young people decide on payday pay?

How many young people decide on payday pay?

Many young people in Poland are choosing a quick loan. Most take a payday loan or consumer loan when they cannot pay their bills or are about to buy a new phone or computer. According to the data of the Credit Information Bureau, among those who use payday loans as much as 62% belong to the age group 18-34.

One of the biggest advantages of online loans is that you can spend your money anonymously, without the control of the lender. Often, the loan process is also shorter than for a traditional bank loan. The money goes to your account right away. An online loan gives you the opportunity to receive cash anytime, anywhere, all you need is a computer, tablet or laptop with internet access. It doesn’t matter if you need money when traveling, sitting in the car in the parking lot or at a birthday party. A traditional bank loan also has its advantages. It certainly creates a sense of greater security and credibility, because both parties have the opportunity to meet face to face. Nevertheless, the choice of loan type is entirely up to you.

What determines the interest rate?

Your interest rate depends on several factors, including the size and duration of the loan agreement. The more money you borrow, the higher the interest rate on the loan. In turn, the more time to pay back the loan, the lower the interest rate.

Fixed interest rate

By checking various loan offers, you will quickly realize that few lenders set a specific interest rate. They usually provide a framework within which the percentage rate proposed is approximately, for example 2-5%. This is because loan companies cannot accurately determine the interest rate if they do not have information about the borrower. When setting the interest rate, lenders are just using the data you provide to them during the loan application process. Usually, the creditworthiness assessment that companies carry out on you has a decisive impact on the interest rate on your loan. The interest rate is therefore tailored to your financial situation, also providing some sort of collateral to the lender. You will know the final interest rate only after submitting the loan application and receiving the offer from the given enterprise.

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